To clam your evening, entertain your afternoon or simply to add a life into your landscape, it is becoming essential mixing the wooden art, the green art within the Water art.

Our innovation into water features will indulge an additional element to your landscape. Whether the soothing trickle of a spring stream meandering through lush green plantings or the cascading crescendo of an in-pool waterfall.

Our pools expert will incorporate the swimming or stream pools as the focal point of an overall landscape and as such, apart from being fun and safe, are built to aesthetically harmonize with the highest technical standards.


Maintenance is essential to keep the landscape alive around the seasons especially when summer and winter shifts. The maintenance team keep eyes and ears well open to assess any damage


The marriage of the wooden art and the green landscape is our passion, the trees are a simple mix of wooden trunks and green leaves, a natural beauty by the


Plants and trees, flowers and creepers, small and large which grow in the conditions of the Arabic Gulf, whether locally grown or imported and accustomed to the warm desertic conditions

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